Mercury Adhesives: Why This Brand is So Popular

     If you’ve spent any time at all in the Pen Turning group on Facebook, chances are you’ve run across somebody posting something about Mercury CA glue by Mercury Adhesives.  I’ve only been a member there for about a year and I can tell that for the majority of its members, Mercury CA is their “go-to” CA glue.

     In this post, I will:

  1.  Cover the basics of Mercury products
  2.  Explain what makes them different and/or better, and
  3.  Tell you where you can get some

     Before we get to these points, though, I want to say “thank you” to Robert Kulp, one of the leading sources for Mercury Product information on the Pen Turning group page.  He has given me a simple to understand breakdown of their product line and I am humbled to be able to share it with you.

Now, let’s get down to it!

Point #1. The Basics of Mercury Products

     Mercury Adhesives products are scientifically engineered specifically for the R/C (Remote Control) industry. It is designed to meet the exact needs of someone who owns a remote controlled car, airplane, Millenium Falcon, etc. Their products are made to bond the R/C unit’s materials together better than any other CA glue in the industry. They will help you build a new model or fix a broken, or “crashed”, one.

     Since the brand was not originally created for pen turners, they offer some other products that we would not normally use while making pens, such as thread locker. Even so, we will take a closer look at only the products that will come in handy for the pen turner, i.e. their CA glue.

     Mercury Adhesives has three primary lines of CA glue:

  1. Original -Thin, Medium, and Thick
  2. Flex – Thin and Medium
  3. Odorless – Thin/Medium and Thick

         As a comparison with BSI, Mercury’s Original is similar to BSI Insta-Cure and Insta-Cure+. Mercury’s Odorless is similar to BSI Super-Gold and Super-Gold+, but Mercury’s Flex is unique.

The Original: M5T, M300M, & M1100G

The purest and is what most people refer to as standard or regular CA. If you click these images you can view more details in Amazon.

The Flex: M20FT and M300FM

The new product that was designed for pen turning and woodworking. It has a longer open time and isn’t brittle like other brands. When dropped, your pen will not crack, but may dent, which is a lot less noticeable.

The Odorless: M100F and M1000F

Non-allergenic and doesn’t produce any odors or vapors. You won’t have to worry about passing out when you apply this glue to your pen when finishing. The thin viscosity is 100 cps and is a cross between thin & medium.

Point #2. What makes Mercury better than the others?

     Mercury Adhesive products have many features that make them stand out among the other brands. I am not getting paid to say this, by the way, I just happened to spend a couple hours on their website researching for this post. I am just going to “copy and paste” these features directly from their website and everything between ()’s is my personal comment:

“1. 99.9% Pure CA

Less fillers means more glue in every drop to bond faster, stronger & longer. (Less is more with these products. One little drop contains more than the other brands. You will end up using less product for superior results and ultimately save money AND frustration!)

2. Non-Toxic

All our adhesives are medical grade quality and scientifically engineered to minimize fumes & odors.  (Each product, however, has its own MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet). Basically, you can look on their website and read on what to do if you accidentally glue your fingers together, or to something else, or get some in your eye, etc.)  

3. Guaranteed Fresh

We never bottle old glue and our innovative cap design guarantees your glue will last longer than any other CA. (They have several videos of woodworkers and other crafters using Mercury bottles and comparing them with other bottles for the same work. After a certain amount of time has passed, the mercury bottle tips are still completely free while others are “clogged” with glue. No clog means no pliers to unscrew glued-on cap.

4. Made in the USA

Using only the highest quality ingredients and manufacturing processes, all our adhesives are made and bottled in the USA.”

     I have to say that I am impressed with Mercury now that I am informed about what it is that makes them different.  I don’t use their products yet since I just recently started thinking about switching, and I’m not making as many pens as I used to. But as soon as I get enough $ from my S’mores App (an advertising and survey android app that gives you $0.10 each day you have it installed on your phone) I know what I’m going to be buying: Medium Flex M300FM.


Point #3: Where can you get Mercury Products?

   There are several pen turning supply businesses that sell Mercury products.…

…to name a few.  All of these sites are run by members in the Pen Turning group on Facebook and you will be helping out their businesses by purchasing from them. Also, the pictures I have linked above are my affiliate links with Amazon and I will get a small commission, at no extra cost to you, if you go through those links and buy off Amazon. Either way, you are supporting your fellow pen turners and helping grow this fabulous hobby.  Thanks in advance for reading this and for all your support and I hope you learned just as much great stuff as I did.



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