Dustin Barbee


Hi, my name is Dustin. I’m just a guy looking to help some people out. I am married to my beautiful wife,  Rachel Barbee, and we have 2 kids, Grace and Noah.  I have to say I am more blessed than I could have ever dreamed.  I work at Costco full-time and like to work with my hands in my spare time. I love building stuff and just using tools in general. For the past couple years I have taken up pen turning. It is a hobby I have found to be very relaxing and rewarding.

I started making pens with my brother-in-law,  David Gilbertson. We called ourselves The Write Brothers. I know; clever, huh?

Anywho, I love pizza, music, coffee (I’m an addict), MLP, GoT, Star Wars, Enya; pretty much nerd stuff. I started taking nerd classes in elementary school (band) which I continued taking up until my sophomore year of college when I started taking a different nerd class (choir).  That’s where I met Rachel and we now live happily ever after.  We are smack dab in the middle of our story, though. Nowhere near the end.  Well, thanks for spending your time with me!


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